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Why Mr. Machine!!!

Color Separated, Shirts On Hanger
Tide, Downey, Bleach, Double Bagged
Socks Paired Up, Undergarments Separately
We Follow Instruction Exactly
Door to Door Full Service, Free Pickup & Delivery To Your Door Step.

 How Mr. Machine Works

 1. Enter your information to create a secure account. 

2. Customize your wash by time, detergent, softener and specific instructions.

 3. Schedule a pickup for now, later, or simply leave your laundry with your doorman and we will come pick it up.

 4. A professional driver will swing by with a custom laundry bag to collect your items.---So your clothes are protected in style.

 5. Your clothing will be separated by color, handled carefully and returned fresh 24 hours later.

Too convenient for you?  You are always welcome to come in and use our pay-per-wash machines.

Pricing Made Transparent


Wash, Hang & Fold

Regular Laundry $1.25 per lb
Minimum Order $15
Bleach Free
Softener  Free
Softener Sheet $2.00
Laundry Bag $5.00

Dry Cleaning

Shirt $4.00
Tie $3.00
Skirt $4.00
Pants $4.00
Blouse $4.00
Sweater $4.00
Suit Jacket $4.00
Dresses $8.00 and up
2, 3 PC Suit $8.00 and up
Winter Vest $10.00 and up
3/4 Coat $13.00
Full Long Coat $15.00
Fancy Dresses $18.00 and up
3/4 Down Jacket $20.00 and up


Pickup & Delivery  Free
Same Day Service $5.00

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